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Honey Love Crystals

Myyrh - Mini Magic Candle (Dark Blue)

Myyrh - Mini Magic Candle (Dark Blue)

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 Light up your life with a dash of enchantment! 🕯️✨ Unleash the magic of Myrrh with our 5" Scented Mini Ritual Candle—a tiny flame that ignites big dreams. Whether you’re in the mood for a daily dose of tranquility or a special touch for those memorable moments, this pack of 20 candles is your ticket to bliss.

Handcrafted with love, our candles are a blend of top-notch materials and the purest essences, designed to transport you to a world of serenity. Ideal for elevating your meditation game or just setting the vibe in your cozy corner, these candles are the secret ingredient to any sanctuary. Step into a realm of calm and clarity with our 5" Scented Mini Ritual Candle - Awareness Myrrh. Grab yours now and let the journey to a more centered you begin. Light up your path with the gentle flicker of our candles today! 🌟

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