Collection: Sagittarius

Sagittariuses are known for…

Their open mind and love for travel. Their sign is symbolized by the archer, which suits their outdoorsy, thrill-seeking nature. Sagittarius signs are born to be adventurers and love to embark on new journeys, both literally and metaphorically. They’re not afraid to take risks and travel solo, even though they know their carelessness can sometimes lead to hurt or danger. A Sagittarius sign’s open mind and free-spirit sparks all kinds of philosophical conversations (which explains why they belong to the element of fire).

The ideal crystal pairing for a Sagittarius

Black Obsidian, Lepidolite, and Sodalite. Like Scorpio signs, Sagittarius signs can benefit from being grounded by black obsidian. Meanwhile, the sodalite stone awakens the Brow Chakra, which directs our everyday awareness in the world. A Sag can benefit from the boost of intuition.