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Honey Love Crystals

Divine Abundance Oracle

Divine Abundance Oracle

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Step into the mystical realm of Tosha Silver’s ‘Abundance Alchemy Oracle.’ This enchanting deck, inspired by her acclaimed books ‘Outrageous Openness’ and ‘It’s Not Your Money,’ invites you to release the shackles of scarcity and embrace abundance by surrendering.

Tosha’s wisdom dances to its own rhythm—a counterintuitive, fresh beat that defies convention. Imagine a world where you don’t hustle, chase, or fret about money. Instead, you offer your desperate wishes and financial fears directly to Love, to the Divine itself. Whatever that cosmic force means to you—whether it’s stardust, moonbeams, or the universe’s secret recipe—it responds. 🌟

And oh, the liberation! Fear and worry melt away, replaced by spaciousness and a sense of security that can’t be found elsewhere. The key? Aligning with the Divine Source, the heartbeat of All That Is.

Now, shuffle the cards like whispers in the wind. Each of the 52 quotes holds a mirror to your relationship with money, career, and abundance. Your heart, that wise compass, guides you to the message you need. No more chasing abundance; you become it. 🌿💫

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