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Dragons Blood Heart

Dragons Blood Heart

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Dragon Blood Jasper, also known as Dragonstone or Dragon Jasper, is an olive-green stone with a mixture of red coloring throughout. Dragonstone ranges from translucent to opaque and has a shiny flash. In natural form, Dragonstone has a rough, grainy texture. When polished, Dragonstone has a glassy luster.

It is a variety of the Quartz family and is mined in Western Australia as well as South Africa. Some ancient stories suggest that Dragon Blood Jasper is formed from the remains of ancient dragons, with the green being dragonskin and the red, their blood. Dragon Blood Jasper is comprised of green Epidote and red Piemonite.

Carry Dragon Blood Jasper to promote happiness, optimism and inner wisdom.

It assists with courage and strength when contemplating life changes. It's a stone of personal power.

Dragon Blood Jasper is also a wonderful companion through times of grief or feelings of self-pity because it helps you to remember life's beauty.

If you are looking to be more patient with others and yourself, Dragon Stone is the stone to work with. It also helps you to better learn from past mistakes.

Dragon Stone is the perfect stone for all Chakras, but it's most commonly associated with the Heart or Root Chakra, and it works to activate and unlock these Chakras. Piemontite can be used to strengthen the Heart and Heart Chakra, as well as heal the emotional body. Its vibration complements Epidote in order to accelerate heart healing and aid in reconnecting the mind, heart and soul.

Physically, Dragon Blood Jasper enhances fertility and supports those suffering from multiple sclerosis. It can be used to for pain relief (especially for the back) and encourages immune system recovery during and after a cold or the flu. Dragon Stone also supports healing for the spleen and stomach.

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