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Sufi Wisdom Oracle

Sufi Wisdom Oracle

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Step into the sacred realm of the Sufi sages with the “Alchemical Wisdom Tarot” by Rassouli! 🌟🔮

Imagine each card as a portal—a glimpse into the numinous. Rassouli, esteemed artist and seeker, wove alchemical threads into every stroke. His canvas surrendered to whispers from higher realms, and the result? Glorious imagery that dances with insight.

The Journey:

  • Trust your intuition. These cards aren’t just ink and paper; they’re cosmic companions. Fifteen mystics—like old friends—beckon you. Their messages? Keys to empowerment.
  • Soul purpose? It’s written in stardust. Relationships? Satisfying as moonlight on water. Creativity? A symphony of colors. Love? Ah, that’s the heartbeat of the universe.
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