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Tarot Familiars

Tarot Familiars

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Introducing the Tarot Familiars Deck by Lisa Parker! 🌿🔮

Wildlife artist Lisa Parker weaves enchantment into every card. Imagine 78 portals, each guarded by a mystical pet. These familiars—ravens, owls, and cats—whisper secrets in moonlit gardens. 🌙✨

The Arcana Connection:

  • Each animal dances with tarot archetypes. The Majors? Their essence pulses through fur and feathers.
  • Court cards? Oh, they wear crowns of wisdom. The Magician’s rabbit? A spell-weaver. The Empress’s cat? A velvet-clawed queen.

The Minor Arcana:

  • Here’s the twist: minor cards are pip cards. No illustrations, just symbols. But wait! Magical tomes, clairvoyance, and pentacles still weave their spells.
  • Aces and Courts? Picture them as stars in a midnight sky. But the numbers (2-10)? They’re like echoes in a forest—repetitive, yet mysterious.

Your Invitation:

  • Are you drawn to mystical creatures? Does magic hum in your veins? This deck might be your compass. Let it resonate. 🌟🐾
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