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Honey Love Crystals

The Green Witch Oracle

The Green Witch Oracle

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Step into the mystical garden of the Green Witch! 🌿✨

These forty-four cards are like secret whispers from the earth herself. Imagine each card as a delicate petal, each holding ancient wisdom. The Green Witch—the guardian of herbs, plants, and flowers—invites you to explore both magickal and medicinal realms.

Folklore and Healing:

  • Ethnobotanical tales weave through the guidebook. Picture healers passing down stories like heirlooms. These plants have histories—of love, protection, and transformation.
  • Healing properties bloom like petals. Imagine chamomile soothing your soul, lavender cradling your dreams, and sage whispering ancient spells.

Garden Magick and Hidden Messages:

  • The garden becomes your cauldron. Stir in moonlight, dew-kissed leaves, and a dash of stardust. Spells sprout like wildflowers.
  • Hidden messages? Oh, they’re everywhere. The rustle of leaves, the scent of roses—they speak. Listen closely.

Doctrine of Signatures:

  • Each plant wears its purpose. Imagine rosemary’s memory-boosting leaves or dandelion’s resilience. The universe signs its name on every leaf.
  • And guess what? These cards aren’t just mystical musings. They’re medicine. Complementary, like moon and tide.

So, my fellow seeker, draw a card. Let the Green Witch’s garden guide you. 🌱🔮

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